The 1 Trick To Go Vegetarian

The 1 trick to go vegetarian.

I hear a lot of people say oh my gosh I’ve thought about going vegetarian I just don’t think I could. What is your take on meat? Is it good? Is it bad? I saw this documentary I want to stop eating meat because I saw the treatment of animals or I hear it is bad for me.

Well these are great and wonderful questions and it shows urge for taking responsibility on what you .

The main factor about most of these exchanges is that most of the time these people haven’t tried it yet.

But for the ones that do or will take the plunge they usually think that it’s a scorched earth, militant, cold tofu, you must adhere everything or you’ve lost.

This sets you up for failure. If you adopt this, making it a 100% full go or no go strategy, if you do happen to fall off the wagon you’re going to perceive it as a negative and horrible loss of your will power.

And that does not work very well psychologically and physically. You end up feeling really bad and it puts in you in a weird cycle of just feeling bad if you don’t adhere to the strict regime right away. A cycle of “I’ve been so good I’m avoiding animal products, and then a perpetual what am I doing I’m a monster. Why can’t I practice self control “ You aren’t, you just don’t know how to form new habits.

The best approach to switching your diet in any shape or form is making it sustainable.

Lets say for example, you want to go to veggie side because of ethical reasons to lessen your impact on the cruelty of animals. If you scorch earth and cut everything you’ve eaten EVERY single year of your life, your odds of success and adherence are dismal at best.

For example. If you go cold turkey no turkey, and you can sustain that with your individual will power for 3 weeks, great. But because you did it in a militant way, you are going to feel deprived and collapse under the hard burden of day in and day out thinking about how you are going to avoid meat today. No matter how strong you think you are that frequency of something YOUR life depends on to keep on is taxing. Eventually you will have to go back to eating meat.

You’ll feel the anguish of defeat and say well I did my best but I couldn’t handle it. And you’re right. You couldn’t because the far majority of people who do that approach fail.  The approach from militancy never works long term.

The long term approach

First if the reason is to be more ethical in how you choose your diet, arguably you will be more ethical the more plates you have over the course of your life that don’t contain meat.

If you abstain 50 meals total in your 3 week militant bout of vegetarianism rather than going slower in your approach and save 100 meals over the course of 3 months. You’ve done a better service, for you, the planet, and your morality.

If we were to say I want to begin training for a marathon. We would not program your first workout will at 26 miles. No you need to get into the habit and become acclimated to the stress of the behavior. Los Angeles body contouring is your chance to get an attractive figure by reducing the fat in your waist, abdomen, thighs or other problem areas through CoolSculpting.

The same goes with overhauling your diet.

The trick.

Make 1 meal  each week meatless.

You say well that’s just silly, I can handle more than that. But truly you can’t for the beginning. Meat has been an integral and MAIN component of your diet since you were able to chew. If we try and break that habit from breakfast to dinner you’re going to be stressed, most likely be underfed, it will hinder how you can live your life with your family. Everything is going to be sub optimal and your long term adherence is going to be nonexistent.

You’re thrown into the deep end with no guidance, besides the inertia of anxiety that you’re being a bad person for eating meat.

Until you commit to something the intricacies and circumstances of adhering to a new diet are illusory. Until you do something in reality you really don’t know how it is going to reveal itself in everyday life. If you are traveling, have a family, not nutritionally literate, haven’t cooked a day in your life, you’re going to have an enormously difficult time.

 Take one meal a week for 2 weeks, get into the hang of looking for other meals that can provide you with sustenance. When you are ready to increase your meatless meals, just try 2-4 meals each week that are meatless.

Making it easy as possible with a very low barrier of adherence ACTUALLY creates a longer lasting habit. If you make your goal, for this example militancy meatlessness, then you are going to fail. Make it a gradual change because this change is quite drastic in nature.

The logic

If you have 100,000 meals in your lifetime and you subtract meat from 1/3 of them that is much better than going full vegan for 7 days and missing 35 meals just to relapse into a meat frenzy.

While will this work better.

It is going to incentivize your actions rather than break you down when you can’t adhere to the strict guidelines. Having one meal each week that doesn’t have meat is much easier to complete. It will allow you to be aware of what you’re eating, and hypothetically assess where you are what the options are that are vegetarian without feeling absolutely pressured to make THAT meal your meatless meal. It allows you to be cognizant of what restaurants provide, how much meat you actually take in, and what go to meals you like that are meatless, without feeling like you have to populate your entire pantry with tofu week 1.

 How to achieve the 1 meal each week meatless

Make a list of go-to meals

There are endless amounts of meatless options and dishes, but if you don’t know any yet you can search online for vegetarian dishes. There are so many that you can just choose one that you like and insert it in there for a breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Firstly your diet has to be one that you actually like. That is why I suggest making a large list of meals or foods you like that don’t contain meat.

For example

  • Grilled Cheese

  • Omelets

  • Pancakes

  • Oats

  • Egg Burritos

  • Macaroni And Cheese

  • Vegetable stir-fries

  • Potato salad

If you are having trouble thinking of dishes you like that don’t contain meat.

  • Potatoes

  • Broccoli

  • Oats

  • Black beans

  • Garbanzo beans

  • Avocados

  • Hard boiled eggs

Use that list and assemble some go to meals with the contents you like and try those as your first meals that don’t contain meat. If you liked this article feel free to share it with your friends and on social media.

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