4 unparalleled exercises to perform while traveling

The best 4 exercises while traveling

Training on the go is something everyone frequently worries about.






I know what I’ll do, I’ll call LA Fitness and get harassed by Doug saying “well we just can’t give everyone free passes”. You hang up after the few combative sentiments are sent your way. What a great start to a RELAXING vacation.  If you just want a single workout why pay for a month at a gym?

FYI: Doug is real. Don’t be like Doug.



There are 2 scenarios here. You have 3-4 days on a vacation, obligation, or family event. Or you’re traveling long term (over a week – 10 days for vacation or business)

In a perfect world. (which most of the time it’s not)

If you are traveling long term, I would advise possibly getting a month membership. I would if it was over 15-20 days. 1 week without it will not kill you, you will lose no strength, you will lose no musculature. Muscle does not breakdown at least for atleast 3 weeks WITH NO ACTIVITY.


Alternative approach to getting a gym membership because: you may not be able to find a good one, one that wont allow free passes like jerk Doug, or you may be in a remote location.

I would ABSOLUTELY advise these 4 alternatives if you are just going to be aimlessly lifting at the gym “maybe I’ll hit some arms today, hit the elliptical,  or some bench” and without any sort of routine. If you have a strength routine in place that you need to hit a PR on…… then it is a different story. If you are looking for a training program that works gangbusters over competitors and you hit PRs all the time check out ours.


But if you are just out for 3-4 days, you can do these alternative activities that give you just as much, if not more, of a great workout.


Why do the alternatives?

You get time to go to the gym 2 hours minimum, travel time, sign in, workout, drive back, shower, dress.

THEN you can go do whatever event you’ve traveled long and far for. Or you can do something a little different…

Remember what you’re ACTUALLY there for. Are you there to get jacked bro, or spend time with your family, visit an unknown place, and have a real experience. Are you going to remember your 3rd set of preacher curls OR the crazy architecture on the golden gate bridge? If you are at system overload thinking how could anyone not choose “get jacked bro” we can still be friends, we just have different priorities.

I’ll be at the cool bar, restaurant gallivanting with my friends or family,  or the museum potentially meeting the woman of my dreams or meeting a friend I’ll have for 25 years.

All of those options sound much more important, fulfilling, and memorable in comparison to preacher curls. 


If you want to get a workout in AND be out in the unknown or have time to ENJOY yourself, you know, the reason you’ve went there, here are some great exercises and exercise equipment you can use while traveling. ALL OF THESE IMAGES LINK TO THE PRODUCTS ON AMAZON.


4 exercises/equipment



Jump Rope

If you cant get a great workout with a jumprope you’re probably legless. You can be spent after a hard 15-20 minutes. That is easily doable before breakfast if you’re an early riser.



Handstand pushups or pushups


whether it be you are going to be away from a gym, getting ready to go to the beach in the afternoon, or traveling for more than a few weeks having these guys around are awesome. They are very versatile. You can do L sits for abs, use them for deep pushups, and handstand practice or handstand pushups if you have the strength. 3 – 4 sets of this and you will feel great.





Sprints & Jumps, and Walking

Don’t think that these are enough for you? Women doing just 10 vertical jumps for 3 weeks showed an increase in bone density. I would also implore you to look at sprinters physiques vs endurance runners. Sprinting short intervals show large increases in overall fitness.

Walking for an hour will burn 300-400 calories. That can easily be done with family/friends/ while ALSO vacationing. I’ve found that when you try and shoot for an hour, you almost always end up walking even more just because you’re wanting to see more of the area.


Nike Frees

These are excellent shoes that don’t have a thick sole and a high elevation. Having thick shoes changes our natural gaits as humans. Placing shoes on our feet actually make our feet atrophy, similar to casting an injury. less is more when it comes to shoe wear. BUT be sure you SLOWLY transition to getting used to less of a shoe. Just as an injured arm casted, it needs to be rehabbed slowly.

Pull ups 

There are almost always a playground wherever you are. If you can find one or bring a pull up bar that fits to a door. Doing 3-4 sets of pull ups is more than enough stimulus for you to get a pump, retain your musculature, and get a the feeling of accomplishment that you had worked out. You can get these shipped to your place in two days.



The main point of this is that you should do more while on vacation, sure getting exercise is great and its YOUR vacation, do what YOU want. But remember that the gym will always be there and what is most important to you. What if this was the last vacation you got with the group you’ve went with. Would you look back fondly that you allocated a lot of time to working out? Just make sure you’re focusing on what is most important.



If you want a workout program that prioritizes lean muscle in half the amount of time. With no guesswork. Check out our stellar programs here. 

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