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Sounds good to be true? Right? This is because fitness professionals don't want you to know this but...

What fitness professionals won't tell you or don't know about

1.  You ABSOLUTELY CAN rid fat while build muscle without doing some grueling "fat burning" workouts...

2.  You DO NOT need to spend hours upon hours in the gym DAILY nor eat 5-6 little meals to leave you unsatisfied, tired, or weak...

3. You can eat your beloved treats and desserts and become shredded more than you ever thought was humanly possible...

A message from Matthew Benjamin

To whom it may concern,

If you thought it was impossible to get fit by shedding fat and building muscle while still having a life outside the gym, I implore you to read every word of this page...

Everything in the media is wrong and contradicting. Everything that is touted to getting lean and ripped is wrong and nearly downright criminal to promise you the results you want and they always fall short...

I know this - because I've tried nearly ALL of it

On the left I was "eating clean" doing a bunch of cardio 4- 5 times a week ON TOP of LONG STRENOUS weight training sessions. JUST trying my ALL to get lean. This approach of fat loss just isn't how the body works...

On the right I was eating what I wanted, maybe walking once a week.  More is not inherently better. And that is what 4Everlean's program teaches. 

You're going to find out the REAL way to getting more defined than you ever thought before. And then you'll have the opportunity to take your fitness and body to a level you never thought possible. This isn't a gain an amazing body with an unsustainable approach and lose it, it is a lifestyle and choosing to no longer "guess" or "hope" I attain my dream body.


Andrew Vaughn

Fat loss training

" 4Everlean's training always pushed me & allowed me to workout and push myself harder. I was never drained but saw constant increase in strength. I felt satisfied and complete after a workout, never depleted.  My energy levels were high and felt the best I had in a very long time. The diet strategy allowed me to drop 8 lbs of fat easily. During my dieting phase I never felt worn out. It works great." 

  • Increased his 10 Rep max of weighted pull ups to 50 lbs. 

  • Increased his dips to weighted dips of 110 lbs

  • Dropped 8 lbs in 4 weeks without losing strength

If You’re a Person With Average Genetics ( JUST like me) , You’re going To Have a Lackluster Response To Popular Training And Diet Advice That’s Touted In Every Corner Of the Internet and Magazine

Mainstream media and "gurus'' are going to ride the wave of what's trendy with fitness. They're going to ignore the main principles of how to build an astonishing physique you can be proud of and maintain with ease. 

The days of crazy restrictions are over

The grueling diets piled upon long workouts are done. 

and cardio? Not necessary to shed fat

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What is 4Everlean's Training?

The Lean and Ripped Look

You don’t need to spend your salary on "meal prepping" 6 meals per day or devote 2 hours in the gym every day. You can get the crisp lean body everyone swoons after by eating food you love and only exercising 3 times per week

Drop Body Fat effortlessly

Forget all of the "guess work" or "hope and see" approaches that aimlessly have you eat "fat loss foods". 4EverRipped gives you the tools to never have to worrying about gaining too much fat ever again

Build Dense Muscle

Get to enter the gym with supreme confidence that the workout you have is the one that you get you the desired look you want

Our mentality is beginning with the end result wanted. Most workouts aimlessly have you do various exercises. They focus solely on mass… putting as much muscle on you as humanly possible with zero regard to how you’ll look at the end, when their users “bulk up.” most muscle building programs just aren’t sustainable. With these other programs they make you choose between body building and having a life. If you commit to these programs, you end up having to give up your social life because you’re spending all of your time eating and working out. (I’m sure you know people like that, don’t you?) If you have the patience and perseverance to follow through with these other programs, you’ll most likely put on muscle… but in the places you want least. Such as your waist, butt, thighs. All the areas that distort your proportion of looking fit and athletic.
The DIET you want is the diet you CAN KEEP and still live your life on. The only way to ensure that fat loss takes place is to provide your body with fewer calories than it burns. Dieting is HARD, we make it effortless now.
Imagine having no concern about what food you're eating... because you know in the next following week you're going to be even leaner than you are today. That is the power of what this program contains. It allows you to put your diet concerns by the wayside. The nutrition plan is designed to be effortlessly put in your life. It allows you to drop fat while you feel focused, lively , and deeply satisfied.
Get your body fat percentage lower than you ever thought was possible. You will gain muscle while dropping fat, develope the desired "V Shape". This program you can drop 6-8 lbs of fat THIS NEXT MONTH without starving yourself.. Become stronger, fitter and leaner you've ever been before. Not to mention a huge confidence boost from the physique you build as well as elevating your sex appeal.

You DO NOT need to do the standard intense workout regime.


It ISNT necessary to spend hours in the gym daily or eat small puny meals every 2 hours that leave you hungry.


You CAN fit in enjoyable meals you love alongside your favorite treats while losing more body fat than you ever thought possible.

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