90% of men are fat

90% of men are fat

This is not an alarmist headline.

 This is fact. It is hard to believe but this is fact.

The only thing that is different is the measurement in which researchers have concluded 90%. Researchers and scientists are starting to take into account more qualifiers that can decide if you are at risk to disease or heart failure.

Researchers reported earlier this year in the journal Frontiers of Public Health that up to 76 percent of the world’s population may be overfat.

The researchers focused on the top 30 developing countries, accrued the data and have found that 90% adult males are fat and 50% of children are overfat.

What is overfat – a condition of having sufficient excess body fat to impair health

“The overfat category includes normal-weight people with increased risk factors for chronic disease, such as high abdominal fat, and those with characteristics of a condition called normal-weight metabolic obesity,” explains Maffetone.

Waist circumference may be a more practical solution than the bathroom scale for understanding your risks for disease.

This more descriptive and better terminology may lead to better awareness of overfat risks, and help healthcare professionals, public health officials and the public more easily address these problems.

This over fatness is inescapable in mostly English-speaking countries. Such as the US, New Zealand, Iceland, and Greece. In addition this is not good news for developing countries because they have typically followed western practices in lockstep.

Impairing health around the globe, weight gain and excess fat reeks havoc on almost every biological system we have. The excess abdominal fat is what is usually associated with increased risk of chronic disease and fatal illnesses. It also increases mortality, morbidity, and reduced quality of overall life. Not to mention all of these illnesses

  • Hypertension

  • Dyslipidemia

  •  coronary heart disease, stroke

  • cancer

  • Type 2 diabetes

  • gallbladder disease

  • osteoarthritis

  •  gout

  •  pulmonary diseases

  •  sleep apnea

The older weigh of measuring is typically using BMI and the scale, but these are blunt instruments.

The outdated means of assessment, measuring BMI are ineffective at determining whether someone is overfat. Instead, take a measure of the waistline (at the level of the belly button) and comparing it to height: The waist measure should be less than half a person’s height. If it is over that metric than you are taking a chance and increasing your overall health.

The waistline is a much better determinant of your fat percentage as well as your overall health decider. The shoulder to waist ratio is also one of the prime determinants of sexual selection in males. Our program is precisely dialed in to make you lose fat on your waist to achieve the attractive desired look that also signifies health and vitality. There is going to be a large and devastating result to if you do not decide to change your habits and the way you eat.

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