There is limited hours in the day. We want to give you more of them for things you love to do. We do this by giving you the most optimal training and diet approach to live a happy life instead of aimlessly spending them in the gym with little or unsustainable results. This program will drastically improve your body and lifestyle. 

Forget the notion that you need to spend 7 days a week in the gym to get the body you want! Why not do it in half the time!

The Fitness industry is so overridden with so much misinformation it makes us cringe

Wherever you look, affiliates and producers alike are promoting ineffective or even dangerous supplements and workouts that don't work

That makes life more stressful because you've taken the initiative to change but you haven't gotten the results you want

We want to be the catalyst that makes the change of these phony producers

We want you to build your dream body while still living life to the ABSOLUTE MAX

If you don't have time or don't want to spend every day in the gym because you have better things to do we understand you! We are the same way! Spending 2 hours everyday of your life in an air conditioned gym to simply look a certain way is not how we do it

2 hours a day, 5 days a week = 520 hours a year IN THE GYM Sweating, seething, pouring away energy and time JUST TO GET A BODY?

That isn't our style...


What if we told you you could do it with some hard work but half that time? 


You can, you can have the body you want with minimal exercise! We all have the power and control on how our body looks and feels.  


Make the decision to change your life for the better, make it the year where people swoon and ask "how in the world did you do it" how'd you achieve an amazing body in such a short amount of time?

Progressively getting stronger and eating nutritious foods you like are the main contributors to a great physique. These concepts are the most integral components of 4Everlean's program.

This allows you to go about your day without feeling drained or deprived in the process in achieving a lean body. Being drained from your workout and being deprived of food is not the key to building your dream body or a happy way to live.

4Everlean's Program allows you to eat the foods you love and having all the time possible outside the gym and still having a beautifully built body.  Strength improvements are a goal and a result of this programming because strength corresponds to muscle growth. 

 If you view any celebrities that play athletes, superheros, or fighters one keep component they all have is they have very have lean bodies that are also proportional.  Getting very lean is not the only answer to an athletic body. Having a low body fat while additionally having a muscular strong physique is how they plan for their role.

This is how we have designed our program as well. The sought after physique that is lean and enriches your life, not a physique that your sore all the time and spending hours upon hours achieving. To match the criterion of an athletic looking build.


4Everlean's design allows you to perform in the gym but not always be stuck inside of it. Individuals will still have the sought after body everyone desires and tries to achieve with much less time spent in the gym sculpting it.  This program gives you a whole year's worth of a workout regimen that can be implemented to suit your lifestyle and be implemented this very moment. It is very minimal but effective at getting these lean, proportional, and sexy physiques.  We instantaneously deliver our product to you and it can be taken with you any and everywhere. A year is an enormous commitment, 4Everlean knows this, that is why we give you a 60 day guarantee if you do not become lean and strong.

If you have the chance check out Hugh Jackman deadlifting! He lifts very heavy weight and is not bulky or puffy such as blocky body builders, but lean and athletic.  Not to mention he travels everywhere, and is at the ripe age of 46! This star is known for being in great shape but he is pressed for time just as anyone else. We have designed a program just comparable to that lifestyle and goal of leanness in mind. Strength, leanness, muscular, and minimal time spent inside the gym. We have designed a woman program just as comprehensive and effective as well. We have designed a a premium program that creates a sexy, toned, and fit feminine physique that isn't bulky but beautiful. 

We provide your desired body with much less time spent working out to achieve it. 

This program is a tool to obtain more time outside working out and get the desired body without sacrificing 2 hours everyday. Exercising only the adequate amount of time needed to get a desired result, rather than doing a lot of exercises and feeling the pump that do not really build muscle, is the main priority of our training.

4Everlean's training regime allows you to do other things rather than focus on fitness every day, it gives you much more time to live your life! It removes the gimmicks and all of the splashy terms of “muscle confusion”. It is direct and designed at what a training regime should be. Optimally giving you your best and beautiful body, nothing more and nothing less.


This workout is geared toward providing someone who wants to look muscular and lean but live their life without obsessing about it. If you want spend your valued time building big heavy legs, not being able to walk upstairs for two days, and looking disproportional like a pear from a workout then this workout isn’t for you. If you want a plan that is sustainable for leanness, builds desirable muscle, look like an athlete and easily implemented to allow other things than the gym then we urge you to join us.


   This workout programming is structured to allow you to build a lean, athletic body, and actually keep it. The workout is tailored for the person who doesn’t want to be in the gym every day.

       This is a workout and diet strategy to build muscle in all the right places  and remove the stress of dieting. We want to rid the notion of "eat this not that" or  on which food is right or wrong. It is designed to remove all the doubt.

Walking through life upset or constantly worried about your body is no way to live. We want you to expand your life, not have fitness centered around it. 


You can have both. Time to progress in your life and your dream body

 Our dietary system removes the concern of which approach is the right approach, or which food is the right food. It is designed to be as time effective as possible while not reducing your potential to build the body you've always wanted.  With our workout time conservation is everything, simplicity is a standard and living your life happily in the body you deserve is mandatory. Our workouts are only 3 times a week while still providing the results you want. Countless people want build an athletic, healthy, strong, body but get thousands of influences and contradictions. Contradictions such as you need to spend countless hours in the gym and restrict your preferred foods. This strategy of diet and training is made for the person who is tired of being told contradictory miracle approaches or unrealistic and demanding paths to become lean and fit. Many workouts are designed for the person using it, it is designed to either tax the nervous system or get a body building "pump". Ours is designed for the person who is busy but knows there's a way to get the body they want without infringing other important aspects of their life. We provide the body you want, more time you want, and the simplicity you want with out hindering your results and quest of your lean body. 

     What do we mean build muscle in all the right places? Some people have found workouts that have been in magazines or diets that they have failed on. They arent really designed to build the lean athletic body that men desire. Ours is designed specifically for the lean athletic and muscular look that most women and men seek. 

     What is the body most women and men want? You have to build it with the total body and proportion in mind.

 Our men;s workout builds:

  • sculpted abs

  • a dense and lean chest

  • solid and strong biceps

  • Rounded shoulders

  • Powerful legs

Our women's workout builds:

  • Strong, lean, visibly sleek, and desirable legs

  • A curvy and full butt

  • Strong flat stomach

  • Defined shoulders and chest

 One where you look fit and strong at the beach and in clothes. What actually makes you fit and look strong? Having strength, and that is what our workouts are designed for. A minimalist amount of time spent in the gym with our workout is purely because we use movements and workouts that effectively and efficiently provide the best long term results. This is an actual workout for you, your time, your desired body, and your food preferences. 


What you need: 

  • A gym membership or home gym that allows access to barbells, pull up bars, and dumbbells

  • Our diet and training regime


Training with purpose

Our training is designed to build an athletic, lean, and chiseled body. We have key principles 4EverLean stands by. Our approach is only do the necessary exercises that will build the most beautiful physique in the shortest amount of time. This training and dietary system can meet any dietary requirement. It is designed for men and women who want to perform athletically but also look aesthetically desirable as well. 


Permanent Change

There is much chatter and empty promises within the fitness industry and our training wants to remove all of that. There are many promises or quick fixes but quick fixes also have quick losses or stalls. 4EverLean wants to give you the tools to change your diet to suit yourself and your very own preferences. We dont want people to think you have to stress over your food or making it a new religion. Whatever your preferences are, 4EverLean's promise is to abide by them while giving you the body you ultimately want. We have made this approach because people have followed militant, extreme, and strenuous efforts only to build the body they want and lose it when they cant sustain that intensity and lose their hard earned body. Our training is very minimal, only 2-3 times per week, creates immense strength gains and that is much more effective at preserving lean muscle mass than high rep training. 

Build your body and life with the tools of forever

If you want to be muscular you have to do resistance training. If you want to look like you lift weights, you have to lift weights, but with the right strategy. We provide that. 

We want people to live their lives. Rather than slave away hours upon hours in the gym with no results. Or even worse, only to slave away, work really hard, and be presented with your desired body only for it to be temporary and have it feel like its your fault you didn’t keep it. We created a workout so you can laugh at the question “How do you have time to be in such good shape?”.  This workout system rids all of the 

static and noise. It is designed to build lean muscle with a minimal weekly workout of resistance training along-side a truly effective diet strategy. A diet with principles once known you can apply to any dish everyday forever. While keeping you out of the gym as much as possible. If you hate the gym and become in disgust at the idea of spending 5 days a week at it when you could be doing better things then this may be the workout and diet system for you.  

98% Time spent outside the gym 

100% Science based training 

100% Science based diet 

100% Guaranteed results 

The main concepts of this workout and objective driven mentality is that you have a life outside of the gym. LIVE IT. AND BE LEAN AND STRONG WHILE DOING THAT. We let you live it in an easily obtainable lean and strong body. These are the goals as well as the results of our training program


  • Only the amount of time spent is necessary to sculpt a desirable physique that is proportional, sharp, and sleek.

  • This program is tailored in order to suit a busy lifestyle, its designed to make your training the most enjoyable process you can to produce your end result. 

  • System of Eating and Training that are proven effective, no matter your dietary preferences and is structurally based on the scientific processes within the body

  • You must identify your end result first, and plan accordingly rather than jumping from “muscle confusing and gimmicky workouts” 4EverLean has done this in our program. We give you the training program for an attractive and fit body

  • This workout isn’t a hindrance on your life. Its an extension. We want to add more enjoyment to your life by subtracting the worry of being fit, looking fit, being healthy, and strong.

  • Immense strength gains are a result of our training.

  • Leanness and not bulky or a puffy physique.

  • Look better in clothes and swim wear.

  • Confidence and well-being.

  • More time for family, friends, hobbies, work, travel, things you love doing

  • Our training is based upon the concept of strength = muscle growth!

  • You will see great strength gains in 4 weeks!

  • Very little cardio, none if you want! 

  • Diet strategy that builds muscle limiting or even reducing fat while building a physique that incorporates healthy foods that you like or ethically prefer, not just bland cardboard and wood chips.

  • More is not needed, only the amount needed is the amount needed.

  • Adequacy is what this program is oriented towards nothing more nothing less. 

  • This workout makes an enjoyment of a process to build a muscular athletic physique, rather than being drained, tired, and deprived from working out and removed from all of the great experiences in your life right now!

  • Allows you to quit being obsessed and absorbed by your diet and workouts. This program gives you a template of what to do to achieve an athletic fit physique and allowance to enjoy your life!

  • Many workout regimes say get lean in 3 months with gimmicky words and ploys but sadly enough if those beyond intense regimes aren’t kept up by the individuals then, you guessed it, there goes the hard earned body. The 3 months of taxing mental drain of 90 days of militant drills and strict deprivation of favorite foods was for nothing in a matter of weeks when you slow down on the gimmicky program. 


Andrew Vaughn

Fat loss training

" 4Everlean's training always pushed me & allowed me to workout and push myself harder. I was never drained but saw constant increase in strength. I felt satisfied and complete after a workout, never depleted.  My energy levels were high and felt the best I had in a very long time. The diet strategy allowed me to drop 8 lbs of fat easily. During my dieting phase I never felt worn out. It works great." 

  • Increased his 10 Rep max of weighted pull ups to 50 lbs. 

  • Increased his dips to weighted dips of 110 lbs

  • Dropped 8 lbs in 4 weeks without losing strength


Success and creator of 4Everlean



"This style has saved me so much time and hours in the week. I have done the 6 days a week in the gym, redlining all the time on cardio, used calorie restriction and bland diets. All of this made me, my social life, and professional life suffer just trying to get lean. I'm no longer miserable and tired worrying if I eat food I love I'll gain fat and lose muscle. I guarantee you will not be let down with the system of training and diet. ALSO I am so much stronger than I ever thought I could get! 100 lbs pull ups!"


Our core values cascade through our actions. Our everyday actions have great impacts


We believe health is the most important thing you will always need. Whether its avoiding 4 colds each year or long term adding 10 years with your grandchildren. Health matters. Its integral to everyone's well being. Our mission is give people their deserved health, dream body, and more hours in the day.


Our goal is to ensure you don't have negative impacts on your health and to ensure that we are about science based initiatives to take on. Proven information that is applicable to your life everyday is what we want to provide.  We believe integrating social good into our business model is mandatory. We want to provide more added value for our consumers and let them know their choice has a massive impact, and we want to acknowledge them for that. Our drive is to make a difference. Constant improvements and progress are a core value of ours. We want to change the world through spreading the message of this easily implemented approach of health and wellness.

We want to help people achieve their dream body, healthily, and changing their impact on the world. Informing people on fat loss by fighting obesity is one important value of ours. Informing on fat loss to battle cancer and cardiovascular diseases is another. Informing on training to achieve fitness, happiness, and injury avoidance.

Providing a fitness regime that adds every one of our user’s hours to their day without sacrificing their health and getting fit to-boot. Informing people on exercise helping individual’s hearts, health, and minds. 


The 3 E's of 4Everlean Stand for 

  • Exercise

  • Ethics

  • Environment

Making a difference

A difference of giving people more time. Actions and choices you take this very moment create more certainty for your future, whether that future is bleak or prosperous in health is up to people. There is one impediment to this, knowledge of how to approach your health.

 Watching people work themselves 60-70 hours per week simultaneously viewing a generation that can’t put down our phones is a "live stream" of what is in store for our future. A new age where everyone is tethered to work, working in and out of the office. We want to work with life balance, especially optimizing the vehicle you take throughout your life, your own body.

The best way we can do that is to save you more time and allow you to allot that time for things you love. We want to remove the worry of your health, food choices, and training while making people, the planet, and animals healthier, happier, and safer.

We want to increase the well-being of people. Our goal for you is changing your health for the better, cut out your risks for disease, and changing your impact on others while thriving.

We do not want to impose anything onto our users we just want to inform people of their choices and how significant they are this present moment and affect your future and everyone you love in it.


4Everlean wants to make the world healthy. We want everyone to live an enriching and passionate life. We are concentrating on the health people, the environment, and animals. We are looking to the future and our mission is reducing obesity and cardiovascular disease. These concepts are the most integral components of this program.  We want to give people their health and wellness without worrying about it or having it take up every day of their life. This allows you to go about your day without feeling drained or deprived in the process in achieving a lean body. This program does just that. Strength improvements are a goal and a result of this programming because strength corresponds to muscle growth.