Jason Momoa Aquaman Workout 2017

Jason Momoa Aquaman Workout 2017


Jason Momoa’s workout for Aquaman is nothing but supreme.

Jason Momoa the newest superhero in the DC universe, shows that while his powers may be mocked, needs to have a fully developed next to superman and batman

Now standing at an

Are you a hardgainer?


If life has got you down because you’ve found yourself to be an incurable hardgainer, I have news for you, you can build muscle just like everyone else.


A hardgainer is someone who is naturally small, has less strength, and cannot seem to put on musculature onto their frame.

Multitudes of men and

The Ultimate Guide to Lose Fat (For Good)

Fat loss is the main objective of everyone exercising. But very little amounts of people are achieving this? Why?

Most individuals’ cycle of weight loss ends up like this….

You’ve stopped being as active as you once were…

You’ve put on fat

You’ve lost muscle

How to lose fat faster in 3 easy steps

First and foremost, no matter what the hoopla and malarkey that is touted in books, media, Instagram post “cleanses”, and articles, what reigns supreme for fat loss is being in a caloric deficit.

While biochemistry and metabolic processes are deeply complex, everything that is, was, and ever will be, is controlled by

  • Low calorie dieting

Why Low Calorie Diets Aren’t The Answer

You’ve heard of crash diets.

And that’s what they are, crashes, they’re an utterly terrible time.

They’re called crash because you’re so hungry you wouldn’t be phased if you were hit by a bus.

Not really, but they are that horrible. People do them because they understand that the easiest way to dramatically improve

  • Hugh Jackman Logan Workout 2017

Hugh Jackman Logan Workout 2017

Hugh Jackman Logan Workout 2017

hugh jackman logan workout 2017

The Hugh Jackman Logan Workout 2017 is designed to build up muscle areas that make you stand out. Hugh Jackman is renowned for his physical transformations.

  • Plant based Protein

Which Protein Powder is Right For You?

You’ve got to get the precious protein.

That’s what we hear from the guys at GNC.


Okay you understand protein builds muscle.

But there are so many contradictory statements out there. After this article you should have some clarity. 

Plant Protein

  • meatless vs less meat

Meatless Vs Less Meat

I don’t like Vegans and Vegetarians….

Not because I don’t admire their cause…

Not because I don’t admire their virtue….

Not because I don’t admire their compassion…

Not because I think its effeminate or too progressive…..


I don’t like them because they treat their practices with puritan values. This ruins it for everyone else because this

  • avoid burnout

How to maximize your daily output and avoid burnout.

How to maximize your daily output and avoid burnout.


There is the incessant chatter that you need to grind away 18 hours a day, sacrificing everything, including your health, relationships, and sanity to work.

For what purpose? The end result? An empty exhausted shell of your

10 Habits You Can Add Today To Make Your Life Better


“More people in the U.S. are on anti-depressants than those who go to the movies.

Firstly, that statistic is just plain shocking. It’s disturbing that is the amount of people who need help through their day to day. Here are 10 habits you can add today to make your life better. These

How to lose fat quickly in less than 2 weeks (safely)

Have a few weeks before an event such as a wedding, vacation, or function? Lose fat quickly in less than 2 weeks before it. 



Crash dieting is NOT the way to go.

But if you have been exercising regularly and want to lose that infamous “few

Top Documentaries Promoting Less Meat Consumption

Firstly, these are the top documentaries that recommend not even that drastic of change to occur for the planet’s temperature to be curbed. It’s not solely diet driven BUT,  the majority of which all reference our meat consumption as being a significant contributor. Public policy is a slow incremental change, this

How to get bigger biceps in 30 days

Want big biceps?

While it is nuanced,  these are the most appealing muscles to women typically.
They’re sought after  because generally, in this society, it’s about the only muscles you can see while we are out and about in the world, unless you wear the smedium t-shirts. If you’re wearing smedium shirts, stop

8 facts that made me vegetarian

These are just a corner of the facts that have altered the way I approach my diet.



The estimated one-day figure for November 9th 2009 of animals slaughtered included 122,000 cattle, 433,000 pigs, 10,000 sheep, 3,000 veal and 27,000,0000 chickens. Making an annual

The Ultimate Jumpstart Guide To Be Vegetarian

Are you a vegetarian? Have you thought about it? This article is not to impose a style of eating or to tell you to make an overhaul on how you eat every day, this is more of a – What to Expect When You’re Expecting when you omit meat from your