How to fast for fat loss tricks and tips for intermittent fasting


What is intermittent fasting.


This is being promoted as a magical strategy that has life extending effects. And the diet of the future, but  the fact is we just simply don’t know if fasting has the degree of these properties and effects.
“I.F” as some of the crazy kids these days refer to

Sugar, is it as dangerous as it seems?

Sugar, its been around for a incredibly long time, its existence has been around since the better part of humanity. And within only a short amount of time, its become a maligned molecule, its dangers have been in great contention and a reoccurring theme in the scientific community for decades as the

Pull Up Perfection: Be able to weighted pull up 100 lbs

Executing the proper Pull up

The pull up is one of the most difficult movements for the majority of  people. This is because most people either, lack upper body strength to move the considerate amount of body mass they have upward, or weigh entirely too much and it would be impossible to

Multivitamins? We don’t need any stinking multivitamins

 You may be knowledgeable or at least have heard of the macronutrients – Protein, carbs, and fats, but there are also compounds referred to as micro-nutrients as well.
Micronutrients play a huge part in tissue preservation, function, and metabolism. Micronutrient intake for us is very necessary, but in excess or in condensed dosages they

Wanting abs isn’t vain

Core reasons you want reveal your abs and core exercises to get them.

The sought after six pack

Everyone wants them and people who have them stand out, this isn’t necessarily envy from the bystander or vanity from the person holding them. Abdominals refer to low levels of body fat. Low body fat

The 5 biggest fitness mistakes that hurt your progress

5 mistakes that nearly everyone makes in the gym

When we work with people we are astonished at how prominent these mistakes are within peoples’ strength practices. We like to refrain from the term “workouts” and actually call them what they should be, strength practices. Workout is nomenclature of the

The negative mind’s worst nightmare

Positive moods and health effects
It sounds like a silly notion but its merit holds true. Holding positive and optimistic attitudes actually helps you live longer and healthier. Positivity and your mood’s influence are much greater than you’d think.
Firstly, let’s narrow down the definition of positive mood

Resistance training

Why resistance training matters.
Overall health and getting fit is not as much work as people think. You want to look fit. You want to look healthy. There is no shame in that. There is simply too much evidence that being strong, fit, and healthy maximizes your life. There is


Beat the militancy of most diets’ downfalls with moderation. Restriction doesnt work.
Everyone gets them, don’t be fooled. It is how you handle cravings that is what is important.  Cravings occur out of thin air, and are what typically set fat loss goals back or halts them all

Walking for fat loss and health

Walk, walk, walkwalk. Even small walks help.


Any amount of walking, and at any pace, anywhere, expends energy. Walking is your friend. It’s a movement the majority of us share on a day to day basis. But refraining from doing it is costing

How much protein do you need to build muscle

There are usually a few crucial mistakes individuals make when trying to build and preserve muscle
  •         Eating too little protein
  •         Eating too much protein
  •         Not training correctly
  •         Not eating

Protein timing? Slam your protein shake on your last rep

There is a lot of misnomers out there and borderline neuroses that if you do not eat protein right after your workout you will wither away or inhibit your hard earned musculature. This has led to many protein supplements to capitalize on “quick digesting proteins” and the 30 minute protein rule.

Putting the “full” in mindfulness, Mindful eating

What is mindfulness

Mindfulness is a derivative of Buddhism and holds many Buddhist concepts. The majority of which attempt to reach a clear mind and be in the present moment. Sounds easy right? Mindfulness’s main objective is practicing on watching your mind to focus on each moment of the present.

The ultimate guide to healthy fat cooking & consumption

Omega 3, Omega 6, the Monounsaturated & Polyunsaturated


Is omega 3 better than omega 6? How much do I need?

What is the answer? You need both, but what is important is the ratio in which you eat to keep these fats in symbiosis. Omega 3’s and 6’s are

Crouching fiber hidden dangers

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Lowering blood pressure, improvement of insulin sensitivity, and losing weight in one fell swoop is possible? Simply ensuring you are eating adequate fiber daily can provide the positives listed above. It can also protect against cancer.
Fiber is a carbohydrate that your digestive tract cannot breakdown. There are two types of