Benefits of Intermittent fasting

Benefits of Intermittent fasting

Benefits of Intermittent fasting

Benefits of Intermittent fasting are countless. Long and short term fasts work wonders on your health and body. While I would love to think that people are thinking for their long-term longevity. Most people also want to lose fat quickly. So, let’s get to the benefits of fasting for fat loss first. While longevity is VITAL, people usually are concerned about getting the weight off for good. Intermittent fasting can be the sleeping giant in this process people dread but want the most. So let’s begin with WHAT, HOW, and WHY fasting is supremely stellar. 





The mindset you have makes a huge difference on how your fat loss success ends up.

Most diets are infused with guilt, militancy, deprivation, which lead people to crave then overeat. AND Repeat that toxic and damaging circle. 

Losing fat is made much easier with intermittent fasting because individuals are removed from this flummoxed state of:


There is this cyclical pattern where people are beating themselves up over an unhealthy meal, wondering what is wrong with them and why can’t they just “eat healthy” and wondering “how can I be fit” and “why am I not lean???”


Its because they’re beginning with the wrong goal. AND that is not their fault, media is RAMPANT with misnomers and false claims about diet and exercise.


So, when people want to know about their health THE VAST MAJORITY are “concerned with losing weight.



Vague statements like that are why you see fat people.

They’re self-deprecating themselves day in and day out with no real goal, structure, or accountability. And it’s not their fault.

You just need a rough understanding of the tools that ACTUALLY WORK LONG TERM.

Not drink abunch of  “special tea extracts” and avoid carbs.

YES, I’m calling you out juice cleanses! 


Here is what we know does work long term. For fat loss, as well as overall health for the long term.




This is true. But let’s get real, until individuals have their weight under control and feel content with their body, longevity is just background noise. So, lets begin with losing fat for good first.


The easiest way to lose fat. Using an intermittent fasting protocol. 

Benefits of Intermittent fasting

What is intermittent fasting?

A period of time each day where you do not eat food. That is, it. Usually people set up “eating windows” these are slots of time where you do eat food and any time outside of that you fast.

Window = Amount of time in you decide to be in a “fed” state and “fasting” state. The fasting state is longer in duration.

A popular intermittent fasting protocol is 16-8. You would fast 16 hours and eat during 8 of them. You could do this easily by waking up skipping breakfast and eating lunch as well. There is large benefits of fasting LONGER.  But while we are just speaking about fat loss for the moment just making that change will greatly increase the likelihood of achieving your goal while also feeling fed.

Intermittent fasting is the best secret to staying lean and dropping fat year-round.


Firstly. When the statement is used “I want to lose weight” I immediately know those people are going to have a HIGH likelihood of failure. Failure from the beginning almost guarantees failure long term.


You can lose weight. You can lose 20LBS right now. Let’s take your leg off.


Two mistakes with statement “weight loss”

  1. Your objective is too vague.

  2. It focuses too much on numbers on a scale.


You’re real objective with that statement is.

You want to lose FAT.



For example, 2 individuals can weigh 180 lbs. and look VERY different.

Body composition matters. Someone can be 180 lbs with 10% body fat and someone can be 180lbs with 37% body fat. Those two people will starkly stand out at the pool, for obvious reasons.


 Think about this. 

If you were to lose 15 lbs of fat, but gain 15 lbs of muscle. You would LOOK COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. Yet you would weigh the same. That is why you cannot solely rely on the bathroom scale. 



So what is the answer to a great physique? 

Having low body fat and muscle mass from strength training.


FAT LOSS is the key.

Fasting is the quickest and most optimal way to stay fed, lose FAT, and maintain muscle. You’re hard earned muscle (if you have any) isn’t going to wither away if you don’t eat every two hours. 


You don’t need to feed yourself small meals every 2 hours. Your metabolism wont RAMP UP that way and burn fat faster. That is simply just bro-science. It couldn’t be anymore incorrect. Yes, it may be optimal to keep protein synthesis up slightly longer (research is iffy). But if you can’t keep within your calories while during that for a long term then your adherence goes out the window anyway. The best diet is one you can keep, while keeping your sanity. 


What you do need to do NO MATTER WHAT is make sure, depending on your goals, your overall calorie intake is correct and dialed in.


For losing fat it is EATING IN A CALORIE DEFICIT. Fasting allows you to eat in a calorie deficit while still feeling full each meal.


Fasting doesn’t have to be extreme

Benefits of Intermittent fasting

Now we are not talking Ramadan fasts. Those have IMMENSE Benefits as well, which we breakdown in a bit. The longer the fast (usually 1-3 days) you see a huge surge in health hormetic responses once you break your fast.  You can incorporate less intense fasts and still reap their benefits as well as maximize fat loss and minimize fat gain. This protocol works amazingly with life in general. Because some days you do want to go out with family and friends. If you do, you already have a caloric buffer ready for occasions like that.



So what is a good window for my fasts???

Benefits of Intermittent fasting

IMPORTANT. One you can keep long term. 

Fasting is just a tool. The window is just a tool. If you eat 5000 calories in an 8 hour window you will gain fat. If you do that you’re using the tool improperly. 

Fasting allows you to get the MOST FOOD EACH MEAL while you are losing fat.

CALORIES are the determining factor, and there are many ways to get them. Fasting is the best way to keep you feeling full, which keeps you from overeating, which keeps adherence to the calorie deficit. 

You can have the best diet in the world, CHOCK FULL OF NUTRITIOUS FOODS,  but if you eat more calories than you burn, you will gain fat.


Here is an example for a single day of fasting. 

Benefits of Intermittent fasting

Wake up 6 am – eat at 12-3 pm dinner at 7-9 pm (I like to eat right before bed.)

But if you ate 5000 calories in those two meals fat gain would occur. But if you ate 2000 (if it is less calories than you burn) you will lose fat.


Making sure you are eating the RIGHT amount of calories first. Then eating those calories in your “window’’ is the only way you can lose fat. Overeating in your window will lead to weight gain.

Katch-McArdle Calculator





It doesn’t have to be insane militancy.

People tend to overeat, especially when at a restaurant or family gathering. (you can’t just stay inside your home and be lean forever) To blunt that effect of overeating you just simply account for it earlier in the day. Simply skip your breakfast.


When you skip breakfast, and have a large lunch and a large dinner you get to SHIFT all of those calories you would otherwise have eaten for breakfast into those 2 big meals! Talk about stuffed right.

This allows you to keep your diet in check and minimize overeating if you stray away your diet.

If you have stray away and mess up on your diet you will gain less weight that day if you had skipped breakfast.


Easy ways to skip breakfast

  • Drink water, maybe get a little crazy add a lemon

  • Drink black coffee

  • You can use Stevia if you want to increase the sweetness of your coffee. It is calorie free and doesn’t affect your glycogen response. It’s also a natural plant, its not going to hurt your gut flora. 

  • Breathe, and understand you aren’t going to die if you don’t have breakfast




Immense long term benefits of intermittent fasting

 Now that you’ve got your fat loss and phyique in check you can also wax on to your friends about how you’re diet has long term health benefits. 



Stem cell production and autophogy.

Autophagy is the primary anti-aging mechanism of calorie restriction. Think of it as a flushing of older aged cells. As we age, all cells age. They become ossified and damaged.

“Aging is a complex process associated with accumulation of damage, loss of function and increased vulnerability to disease, leading ultimately to death.”

When you fast, it signals to your body that you need to FLUSH or RECYCLE these damaged cells. This leaves room for the birth of new ones to be produced that are healthy and thrive. This leads to extended lifespan. Only after we are born (the most abundant moment of newest cells) a fast creates the 2nd most new cells in the body possible. 

 When you have times of dietary restriction or fasting you get enhanced lifespan

For example, a large amount of holocaust are centarians (people who live to be over 100 years of age). It is believed that since this select group had such low calories for a long duration, this led to this specific subset to live much longer due to inadequate food during horrid conditions.





There is one constant that we all have in common. We age. And not just our face, bone density, and crows feet, but our organs. Most importantly the brain, if you want to debate on if its the most important please write me a rebuttal. But its because of this extraordinary organ you’re reading this right now. Fasting increases this process called neurogenesis.

What is neurogenesis?

The growing of new braincells.

Anyone who has done a 24 hour fast knows that you don’t get tired you SPEED UP.

A protocol put in mice, was shown to increase hippocampal volume by 30%



Fat mobilization


 Training while fasted allows your body to mobilize your fat stores BETTER than when you are in a fed state. If your body is utilizing its fat storage more effectively in a fasted state it will shorten the amount of time you need to be in a calorie deficit. So if you’re main objective is to lose fat, and want to speed up the process, you should also be looking into fasted training. 


LOSE belly fat faster.

One thing that is needed for your body to burn fat is BLOOD FLOW. Blood needs to reach your fat stores in order to move them to be used as energy. Research shows that being in a fasted state increases blood flow to areas of the body including the abdominal region. Training in a fasted state increases abdominal blood flow more efficiently.




No matter what the diet is the best one you can stick to long term. We could find the best diet in the world that optimizes everything perfectly but if it is complicated, intense, and not satiating then you CAN’T do it long term. Fasting is easy to do. You just don’t eat in the morning. That’s it.

This routine allows you to avoid hunger pangs. HOW?


Going to bed hungry is the worst. When you skip breakfast and have a large lunch and a large dinner you get to SHIFT all of those calories you would otherwise have eaten for breakfast into those 2 big meals!

Intermittent fasting allows you to keep your diet in check and minimize if you stray away your diet.

If you have stray away and mess up on your diet you will gain less weight that day if you had skipped breakfast.

You no longer feel hungry before bed, but rather you feel satisfied and content. Lets see someone who has eaten 8 small meals that day finish their last meal at 7pm of 400 calories feel full. It is not probable, unsustainable, and pure hell to say the least. 


 Disease prevention

“Based on the existing evidence from animal and human studies described, we conclude that there is great potential for lifestyles that incorporate periodic fasting during adult life to promote optimal health and reduce the risk of many chronic diseases, particularly for those who are overweight and sedentary. Animal studies have documented robust and replicable effects of fasting on health indicators including greater insulin sensitivity, and reduced levels of blood pressure, body fat, IGF-I, insulin, glucose, atherogenic lipids and inflammation. Fasting regimens can ameliorate disease processes and improve functional outcome in animal models of disorders that include myocardial infarction, diabetes, stroke, AD and PD. One general mechanism of action of fasting is that it triggers adaptive cellular stress responses, which result in an enhanced ability to cope with more severe stress and counteract disease processes. In addition, by protecting cells from DNA damage, suppressing cell growth and enhancing apoptosis of damaged cells, fasting could retard and/or prevent the formation and growth of cancers.”


If you would like to know more check out this video from Dr. Rhonda Patrick with

Interesting study of potential diabetes solution*

Fasting and its regenerative effects in mice, helped reprogram pancreatic functions. It’s effect was the reprogramming of pancreatic cells to restore insulin generation in islets from T1D patients and reverse both T1D and T2D phenotypes in mouse models. 





Take aways – 

intermittent fasting allows you to keep your calories in check, and lose fat faster. 

Training fasted increases fat loss faster. 

Long term benefits for fasting, stem cell production, neurogenesis, and cell autophogy




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