• deadpool 2 ryan reynolds workout 2018

Deadpool 2 Ryan Reynolds Workout 2018

Deadpool 2 workout Ryan Reynolds 2018

Ryan Reynolds on his dedication and his workout out for Deadpool 2 in comparison to Hugh Jackman – 

“Hugh Jackman has a dedication to his craft that I’m afraid I don’t share. If I’m up at 2 in the morning,

Ben Affleck Batman Workout Justice League 2018

Ben Affleck Batman Workout Justice League 2018


Ben Affleck workout for Justice league

The Ben Affleck Batman Workout for Justice League 2018 is designed to build up muscle areas that make you stand out. Ben was praised for his physical transformation and took it very seriously. In 2018 Ben Affleck returns as Batman

Should Old People Lift Weights?

When talking about longevity people’s eyes glaze over to the equivalent of talking about investing. Which, it is very similar. See your eyes just glazed over.

It’s investing into future you feeling good, neurologically performing at a higher capacity, and decreasing overall risk of overall death.

The Institute of Medicine has recently recognized

Ultimate guide on how to lose fat quickly for summer

Summer is coming soon but it isn’t too late to get ready for beach/pool season.

Everyone wants to lose weight but they’re fed cockamamie bologna on how to do it.

When you mean lose weight you want to look better, if you wanted to drop 10 lbs. we could amputate your foot at

  • Zac Efron Baywatch Workout 2017

Zac Efron Baywatch Workout and Diet 2017

Zac Efron Baywatch Workout and Diet 2017


Get ripped up like Zac Efron did in Baywatch


Shredded is an understatement when you view that picture. How did Zac Efron get so fit and lean for Baywatch? This workout will give you the tools to build

  • Hugh Jackman Logan Workout 2017

Hugh Jackman Logan Workout 2017

Hugh Jackman Logan Workout 2017

hugh jackman logan workout 2017

The Hugh Jackman Logan Workout 2017 is designed to build up muscle areas that make you stand out. Hugh Jackman is renowned for his physical transformations.

How to lose fat quickly in less than 2 weeks (safely)

Have a few weeks before an event such as a wedding, vacation, or function? Lose fat quickly in less than 2 weeks before it. 



Crash dieting is NOT the way to go.

But if you have been exercising regularly and want to lose that infamous “few

Pull Up Perfection: Be able to weighted pull up 100 lbs

Executing the proper Pull up

The pull up is one of the most difficult movements for the majority of  people. This is because most people either, lack upper body strength to move the considerate amount of body mass they have upward, or weigh entirely too much and it would be impossible to

Wanting abs isn’t vain

Core reasons you want reveal your abs and core exercises to get them.

The sought after six pack

Everyone wants them and people who have them stand out, this isn’t necessarily envy from the bystander or vanity from the person holding them. Abdominals refer to low levels of body fat. Low body fat

The 5 biggest fitness mistakes that hurt your progress

5 mistakes that nearly everyone makes in the gym

When we work with people we are astonished at how prominent these mistakes are within peoples’ strength practices. We like to refrain from the term “workouts” and actually call them what they should be, strength practices. Workout is nomenclature of the

Resistance training

Why resistance training matters.
Overall health and getting fit is not as much work as people think. You want to look fit. You want to look healthy. There is no shame in that. There is simply too much evidence that being strong, fit, and healthy maximizes your life. There is

Walking for fat loss and health

Walk, walk, walkwalk. Even small walks help.


Any amount of walking, and at any pace, anywhere, expends energy. Walking is your friend. It’s a movement the majority of us share on a day to day basis. But refraining from doing it is costing