What if we told you that the majority of diet advice isn't helpful? Between trainers and magazines the facts are disregarded and the sales of a lot of suplements are pushed instead? 

∞ What if restricting bland and only "clean foods" does not build muscle or lose fat?
∞ What if carb starving isn't the only way to get lean?
∞ What if you didn't have to spend hundreds of dollars a month on supplements anymore? 
∞ What if you didn't have to eat small meals every few hours to ramp up your metabolism? 
∞ What if you could eat treats and not gain an ounce of fat? 
∞ What if you didnt have to gain exorbitant amounts of fat on your "bulk" to gain muscle?

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What if getting yourself muscular and fit was MUCH simpler than you've been told? 

If you can preserve your sanity during a diet wouldn't you do it? What about not worrying about each and every food or meal approaching your way? If you could lose fat not by ingesting bland foods, reaching your desired goal, then regaining the weight, but rather having treats as well as big filling meals consisting of your chosen favorites keeping the fat off forever wouldn't you do it? Imagine keeping your energy high while your waist circumference lowers while you build muscle and lose fat each week eating the foods you love. 
Imagine feeling so empowered by completely understanding how dieting works. Understanding dieting forever and having the ability to spot the fake gurus and snake oil salesmen who are not truly having your best results at heart, seeing them pushing new fad approaches or magical capsule cocktails that are mediocre at best and knowing what really drops fat and builds muscle. 

We have incredible news for you

When you know how to diet properly (without restriction) getting lean is easy. NO guesswork, no vague "just eat clean" remarks. Purely valid methods in science, and results. That's it.


Have the approaches you’ve learned been keeping you from your desired body?


Myth 1

You need to eat every few hours to boost your metabolism

This is not true, it  is misleading and pushed by diet gurus, it promotes thinking that you have to eat all the time to ensure your metabolism is "stoked". Your body does not go into starvation mode or “catabolic” every 2 hours and you lose your hard earned muscle. What this myth is possibly referring to is the – Thermic Effect of Food – or TEF. This refers to how much energy is needed to digest this food. But regardless of the frequency all food has a thermic effect. Large meals have larger thermic effects and small meals have smaller thermic effects. But what is the most detrimental is your caloric intake, or your energy balance.  There are countless sets of empirical studies, including the International Society of Sports, has stated that meal frequency does not lead to any change in body composition in sedentary individuals. 
Another study shows the same findings conclude that increasing the frequency of meals does not promote greater body weight loss 
French study that concentrates on having 1 - 17 meals a day and its impact on metabolic rate.  Results show that it did not determine whether all the calories were eaten or spread the meals out over 17 meals
Additionally these studies reported that there were no improvements in resting metabolic rate or 24-hour energy expenditure due to increasing the number of meals ingested.   (1) (2) (3)(4) (5)
Another study was done where no effect was demonstrated on energy intake
 The totality of all these investigations the same number of calories were eaten over the course of the day.. But meal frequency differed while total calories remained the same.  One vs three and five feedings . Two vs six feedings  two vs seven feedings . And all of them measured their metabolic rate from a few hours to several weeks. None of them had shown any discrepancy between meal frequency and the timing of the meals having any beneficial effects or impairment effects. The overall caloric consumption determined the results. 


Diet Myth number 2

If I eat healthy nutrient dense foods I wont get fat.

Wrong you will get fat if:
You are over eating your calories every day. Firstly, calories are just a unit measure of energy. They are not embedded within food.  Calories in food is just measuring how much energy you would receive if you ate that particular food. You need calories, they allow you to live. If you give your body too much of this measured energy, you store this energy as fat. The balance of energy is what contributes to weight gain and weight loss. 
These two states are referred to a caloric surplus and caloric deficit. The problem is with calculations on the internet are predominately overzealous on how much caloric burn occurs with most people.
If you keep your energy balance down for a relative amount of time(days to weeks) the fat mass in your body composition will go down.  It all comes down to how much, not what you eat.  A diet of Twinkies and protein shakes was conducted to prove this exact principle 
Clean eating moratorium needs to leave. If you eat 4000 calories of the cleanest foods chosen by experts, and you do not burn 4000 calories, you will gain weight. Do you think biology skips a step on this area of physiology? The body knows that broiled vegetables have been the majority of your diet so you deserve weight loss in cadence. It simply isnt factual. All calories count. Even clean ones.
The truth is you have to moderate what your ingesting to what your burning in accordance to what your goals are. You can eat your favorite foods every day and lose fat safely and healthily. The emphasis and importance is how much you are eating.
This is habituated to each individual person on an individual basis. There is no one size fits all number everyone needs to eat.

 Diet Myth 3 

You need to deprive some macronutrients to thrive 

While a calorie is a calorie, there is a difference of weight loss, and fat loss. You need to balance these macronutrients, that consist of calories to make sure you are building muscle, preserving muscle, and losing wanted fat.
Macronutrients are seen on the back of all nutrition labels: Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fats.
You need high protein. No question.
  • High protein diets are essential for lean mass preservation (the muscles you’ve earned) when in a calorie deficit to lose fat.
  • You feel fuller on high protein
  • Cravings are reduced
  • Essential for muscular growth.
Carbohydrates are needed to fuel workouts 
It creates a muscle sparing effect with protein.
Increases positive mood 
Improves cognitive abilities 
 Helps satiety
Low carbohydrate dieting isn't optimal and it isn't practical. You need carbohydrates to perform and feel good.


However you like to eat, and train is how we build your meal plan.

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The difficulty of getting sick of foods you actually like is much higher than you think it is. When you are eating foods you love and get acclimated to the meal plan, and are seeing results, you'll be able to change and modify the meal plan to a lifestyle, not just a crash diet of restriction, feeling sickly, drained, and regaining the weight once you stop. 

We recommend that people to begin with this dieting approach because it is much easier and rids the guess work. We recommend this even if this meal plan doesn't seem right for you.


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To keep overall health optimal we do advise highly nutritionally dense foods. Treats are also a big advisement in our meal plans, because what's the point of getting fit eating bland foods!

Also once implemented, many people are surprised eating healthy foods isn't as expensive as the previously thought. When you are buying the right foods and preparing your food at home 


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