• Hugh Jackman Logan Workout 2017

Hugh Jackman Logan Workout 2017

Hugh Jackman Logan Workout 2017

hugh jackman logan workout 2017

The Hugh Jackman Logan Workout 2017 is designed to build up muscle areas that make you stand out. Hugh Jackman is renowned for his physical transformations. In 2017 Hugh Jackman returns as Logan. If you’ve seen him in any of the 8 movies he’s wolverine, you already know. This newest edition to the Wolverine franchise, is no surprise, he’s went full metal Jackman. The physique of Logan is undoubtedly one of his best physiques, especially pushing near 50 years old. But normally he’s a slender but fit guy. So how does he do it?


Firstly, what makes Hugh Jackman look so amazing is his leanness.

If Hugh built up all of that muscle and was carrying additional fat stores he would not nearly as impressive.

Typically people will roughly overestimate how much Hugh weighs because he is so developed but at the same time lean. Typically when you have a lean body (low levels of body fat) you look 10-15 lbs bigger.

We all know that big puffy look that a lot of people acquire.

He would look bulky and blocky not crisp and defined. Many people fall victim to this trap, because they think BIGGER is BETTER, this due to their lack of understanding of how the body responds to diet and training.

If you want to look to obtain that mutant look rather than an off season body builder the Hugh Jackman Logan workout will help you achieve that killer mutant leanness.

 Hugh on the other hand knows better…

Another aspect of his body that makes him THE wolverine is his strength. Hugh is extraordinarily dedicated and hardworking. He understands that getting strong is what builds muscle.

Here Hugh Jackman is deadlifting very heavy weight. This gaining of strength as well as correct understanding of diet, which allows him to be lean is what creates this incredible physique.

What creates The Hugh Jackman Logan Workout  2017?

Hugh has built serious development in his upper body. While his shoulders are prominent has has also built an incredible chest. Mainly his upper chest. That is what develops the highly desirable line down the chest up to the collar bone.

Strong and sleek but not overtly big legs. Too many people follow body bu9ilding routines, blasting their legs with way too much volume. This is typically because they believe it will spread testosterone all over their body and help them grow.

But the end result is just massive legs and detracts from their upper body. And lets face it no one is swooning over Hugh’s rectus femoris.

Hugh has a very developed upper chest.

Hugh jackman logan workout 2017

He also has very round and developed shoulders.

He also has a very strong back. Which allows the V taper shape and makes him look much broader.

Hugh Jackman Logan workout 2017

The key points

  • Develop the upper chest incline dumbbell, incline barbell, flys and flat bench press all work this area.

  • Do not go hog wild on the sets and volume of legs.

  • Develop the shoulders with strength, a little higher volume, and consistency.

  • added muscle to the right areas while keeping your body fat under 10%.

  • Heavy lifting with long rest periods and lower repetitions, the goal is to lift progressively heavier weights each week. With some higher repetitions placed in accordingly

How many sets and reps did Hugh Jackman perform for the Logan Workout 2017

The Hugh Jackman Logan workout routine is set within the 4-10 repetition ranges. If you are wanting to build size and density you are going to want to stay lower on the repetition ranges. That is the most stimulating for muscle growth.

Another key is to not overtrain. If you beat yourself up in one workout you are not going to be able to go perform as well the next following workout. It is about progressively getting better, not having one hard workout and be sore the next following 5 days

Our muscle building program, goes fully in depth on how to build this exact physique with these rep ranges.

Hugh Jackman Height Weight and Body Fat Percentages in Logan

Hugh’s fairly tall at the height of 6’2’’

hugh jackman logan workout 2017

Hugh’s body fat percentage.

It’s never been determined or disclosed for sure but he is very lean in some movies, nearing around 6-8 % body fat, this is also enhanced by him doing sets between takes creating a pump as well as helpful lighting. Regardless he’s shredded.

Getting as lean as Hugh Jackman in Logan is not a cake walk, maybe more walking than cake, it is going to take discipline and focus.

The Hugh Jackman Logan Workout 2017 Edition

Training with rest days in between (ex: mon, wed and fri). Warming up with 2-3 sets just to prime your muscles, conserving as much energy as possible for the designated lifts.

Day 1

Incline barbell press

4 x 6 reps

Pull ups

4 x 8 reps

Bench Press

4 x 6 reps

Cable rows

4 x 8 reps

Ab wheel roll outs

3 x 15 reps


Day 3

Back Squat

4 x 4

Trap Bar deadlift

3 x 5


 4 x 6

Leaning over rear delt raises

3 x 10




Day 5

Standing barbell military press

4 x 8

Barbell Curls

3 x 8

Close Grip Bench Press

3 x 8

Shoulder Cable Lateral Raises: 5 sets – 12, 10, 8, 6 + 10-20 (30 seconds rest between sets)

Hanging leg raises

3 x 15 reps

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Hugh Jackman Logan Workout 2017

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