How to indulge at barbecues and never gain an ounce of fat!

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Summer is almost here. I hope you are ready! If you are not ready for summer and to be poolside check out this post to get in shape in an intelligent but faced paced way.


Firstly, you don’t want to be a shut in and cook steamed rice just to look a certain way in your trunks or two piece. We don’t want you to either. Summer is about spending time with friends, family, and loved ones. Inevitably there is only a few weekends of inside this season and they roundly get occupied with events.

But if you do want to make sure you maintain or achieve a low body fat percentage over summer but don’t want to skip out on barbecues there is hope.  If you feel an angst approaching them because there will be “potato chips” there and you don’t know if you can control yourself,  there are precautions you can take not to offset your hard-earned progress.   And if you have worked hard to lose fat, then you want to make sure you keep it off! This article will show you some quick tactics to do that.

One day of overeating could potentially offset a weeks’ worth of progress. You and I do not want that for you. So here is how you can keep or earn your body while still going out and having fun during these summers festivities!


It comes down to energy balance. Everything is predicated on it, we don’t just put “clean” gas in our automobiles and hope it works. We measure and gauge the amount we put in. Same with calories. When you accept that, the world is a magical place.

Energy balance is the relationship between the amount of energy that you feed your body and the energy it burns. And at barbecues there are nearly infinite amounts of energy in Tupperware, on the grill,  and in those weirdly decorated summer activity bowls. So here is how you can enjoy that decor and the atmosphere without worrying about fat gain.



Skip Breakfast


It isn’t &…

It’s not

Meal timing does not matter a great deal.

The amount of your food on a day to day basis you eat does matter a great deal. People don’t gain weight because they don’t eat when they wake up. They gain weight because they eat more food while they’re awake. So skipping breakfast the day of an event will allow you to save your calories for the actual event.

So, to avoid overeating on high fattening foods you can soften the blow by intermittent fasting until the barbecue. Fasting has copious amounts of benefits to the body such as a rise in growth hormone, nutrient partitioning, and cellular health. More on fasting here. It is not hard, it’s a few hours, you’re an adult. You can manage it, especially if you want to progress on your body.

Now you don’t have to go 30 days of Ramadan here, but just skip your breakfast you’d usually have. It is very easy to just skip breakfast and just wait to eat a few hours.

Those calories that you’d otherwise have in the morning, you can now eat at the barbecue. That way if you do overeat calories, it will not be as high of an intake as if you’d had your breakfast calories included.

Especially if you have the wholesome average American breakfast of cereal, toast, orange juice, and bacon.

Those right there equate to around 800 calories, and that’s conservative. Calculated only if you had 2 slices of bacon…. Let’s get real. You wouldn’t just have only two slices of bacon. Or soy bacon, and almond milk in the cereal for the vegan and vegetarian readers. I love you guys but that is still around 800 calories. So just skimp out on those calories so you can have some calories later. Simple as that.

If skipping breakfast is not an option because your Greek god machinery is too delicate and you would never be able to handle a day without breakfast or eating for 4 hours, then I would condone a light breakfast that is high protein and nothing else. That would be an egg white omelet of some sort with no cheeses just vegetables.

Or just have a piece of fruit, like an apple or banana.



Avoid Juices & Sodas

These little canisters are Janus-faced monsters. They have high amounts of energy, and DO NOT fill you up.  Avoid these tantalizing little guys. If you want to drink alcohol because it’s a barbecue that is okay but drink in moderation. Have fun remember it’s a barbecue! Mixed drinks I would supplement mixers with Perrier and diet drink alternatives that hold no calories. Avoid juices and sodas in there too! One coke is 140 calories. That is about 30 mins of walking. Its up to you if its worth it. Make a better decision. 



Move more (slightly)

This is if you are one of those people who likes to workout in the morning. You can actually up the volume on your workouts for that day. If you know you’re going to have a heavy carbohydrate meal at an event later in the day. Attune your workout structure toward that. Add a set of higher repetitions for a few of the exercises you are doing that day. So if you are doing 3 sets of exercises on dips, just add one more set of them to accommodate the future higher calories.


NOW, this does not mean you should just keep doing this every day, or every time. This is a strategy to deploy every once in a while. Doing this often will just lead to complications of your workouts, progress, and fat loss. You can get a run away effect physiologically. This where you think you can start to add more and more volume because you had extra helpings. Or vis a vis. It can end up harming you. SO use this one sparingly. Don’t just log countless miles or steps on the Stairmaster just to have some bread. That is an inordinate and negative way to approach your weight loss and outings. People who do large amounts of cardio for weight loss end up GAINING fat anyways.


Don’t make it too complicated. BBQ’s are supposed to be fun! HAVE IT!

If I just freaked you out about the whole adding more volume then, just take a simple walk for 45 mins to an hour prior to the BBQ. Take your kids, sister, wife, or family with you! Listen to a podcast! Let them eat breakfast then just take a leisurely walk. If you walk at a brisk pace you can burn about 300-400 calories in an hour. If you subtracted breakfast and walked, you are ready for a FEAST. You just allowed a buffer of 1200 calories!

These tactics are sure fire to lose, progress, or maintain your goals for summer and your physique. Incorporate one or all into the mix and you will not be halted what so ever. So, when it comes to barbecues, events, and outings don’t worry. Use these tactics to have peace of mind during and post party. Unless it goes all night long!



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