How to lose fat quickly in less than 2 weeks (safely)

Have a few weeks before an event such as a wedding, vacation, or function? Lose fat quickly in less than 2 weeks before it. 



Crash dieting is NOT the way to go.

But if you have been exercising regularly and want to lose that infamous “few pounds” before you attend something a little leaner and trimmer than you would normally,  this will be especially helpful for you. 

There are a few tactics you can take that will allow you to lose the weight for a quick duration.

If you have A LOT of fat to lose, generally its recommended to slowly do it the right way because the short-term gains of a quick fat loss won’t help you very much over the long term. Which is to keep a good looking, functioning, healthy body for the rest of your days.

This is not a long term or sustainable approach what so ever. This is only a tactic when you can employ to just simply lose a few pounds and look better aesthetically in a few weeks.

It’s not going to enhance your workouts, it’s not going to help you long term. Its simply to cut some fat quickly. But more than likely you’ll gain it back during or quickly back after the event. But first there are alot of variables for this. 


Variable #1, how much exercise have you been doing previously?


IF youve done NO exercise & have a POOR diet, and you throw this hay-maker to your central nervous system you are going to feel horrible.

If you’ve been working out weekly 3-4 times, this will help you a lot to cut fat and look better in a short period of time.

If you have A LOT of fat to lose and you don’t regularly exercise, then you’ll be able to lose some fat as well but you wont be able to keep that fat loss up for a very long time. 


Variable #2

How much fat do you have, be practical, if you have a large amount of weight to lose, this is probably not the best strategy for you. If you really want a lasting impact, you’re going to need a long term approach where you can cut weight slowly, healthily, and in a sustainable manner. 

If you have a lot of fat to lose, don’t have much muscle, you’re going to just look like a smaller version of yourself, which may be what you’re going for anyways. But beating yourself into oblivion without having a workout in a while,  having tens, twenties, or thirty + pounds, don’t do it.

Just focus on doing it the RIGHT way.

Crash dieting creates binge dieting, you lost all that weight and gain it back in 5 days? That is not cool. But if you do just want to lean down fairly fast, these are some great implementations for about 2 weeks out. 



So lets get started, you exercise frequently and only have a few lbs to lose. 


Firstly, NO matter what if you want to lose fat you’re going to have to eat less food and move. This is where people lose. Moving more DOES NOT mean you have to strenuously beat your body to death running miles upon miles. Move more, not move crazily. 

These steps allow you to do that for about 2 weeks without seeing adverse side effects, such as getting lethargic or losing strength in your workouts.


Go lower in the amount of carbohydrates you eat.


Your body is going to lose some muscle, some glycogen, and some fat but if you keep your carbs low, and get them MOSTLY from non-processed grains and vegetables, then you will see a quick change in your definition quickly, and most certainly in less than 2 weeks.

If you add all of these strategies together then you’re going to see a larger increase in the change of your body composition. Going lower in carbs especially for a long period of time IS difficult for some people. This is particularly because of hunger, cravings, and your body typically using this as its fuel. More on cravings here

So, in order to curb those negative effects, you have to take some additional tactics.

Mind you these are just precautionary measures to make sure you don’t veer of track, because low carbohydrate diets can be HARD. You don’t have to eat these particular dishes, just go lower in carbohydrates. It is just relatively easier to eat these things and not be hungry for most people. 

The portion and volume of food matters when it comes to feeling full. When you’re full, you’re going to eat less.


Larger portions allow you to feel full, but what those large portions consist of is integral.

So, eating slow digestive carbs, that are relatively large in volume per calorie content is a very easy way to stay full, go low carb, and not tear your hair out simultaneously.

This can be easily done for 2 weeks.

Its approaching both sides of the needs for fat loss, it will allow you to eat less calories, feel full, and eat less carbs while limiting your cravings. 

Slow digesting carbs are foods that take a long time to digest. Generally the harder it is to chew and take in the harder it is to digest. Vegetables are typically the best carbs that take longer periods to digest, keeping you fuller longer and your blood sugar stable, in the stomach and bloodstream.

If you want a breakdown of healthy, filling, low carb, and quickly prepared foods that will aid this. Here is a full guide of a 2 week example of how to use these strategies along with some examples of dishes that will help you feel fuller longer. 



Burning fat vs burning glycogen


If you’re just moving burning the energy you’ve eaten then you wont gain weight. Burning energy you’ve stored (fat) lowers your fat levels. HIIT burns fat relatively more than low intensity cardio for the time it takes up. So especially if you’re crunched for time, HIIT helps swimmingly (pun Intended).

A recumbent bike is accessible pretty much everywhere.

Warm up for 5 minutes or so.

Add resistance that is tough for about 60 seconds and PEDAL your BUTT off.

Repeat 6-12 times.

If you can avoid achiness and stiffness do it.

So if you have not done HIIT for a long time or perhaps ever. Only do 4 rounds. Live long enough to fight for tomorrow. It makes no sense to do 1 hard workout and be sore for 10 days when you only have 14 days. You will be able to get 3 or 4 sessions of HIIT rather than 2. And your following 10 days of walking wont suck.


Eat Extra Protein


Protein is a VERY satiating compound and it is hard to digest, and while in your calorie deficit for your fat loss its going to your muscle be preserved for the time being. Using high protein meals are not only the best tactic to be used everyday but it is especially important when you are being in a calorie deficit.



 Resistance intervals +plus cardio

This is an extraordinary and effective approach to burn some additional calories from fat quickly. These are particularly tough BUT effective. These are high intensity! You’ve been warned. You do 1 high intensity cardio exercise then 2 body weight or weighted movements back to back

3-5 rounds of each exercise 1 time with 2-3-minute rest in between.

Tip,  find cardio exercises you’ve been used to doing ( you don’t want to be sore for a whole week) and then do 2 sets of body weight exercises 1 set each.

A slow way to do this (if you know about an event in a large time in advance) is to implement a cardio session slowly so you’re not murdering yourself on the treadmill and then not able to walk correctly for a week.

Biking is very easy to begin without developing soreness. So if you have not done cardiovascular training for a while begin with that. An example workout would look like this

  • 1 minute of biking

  • 10 hanging leg or knee raises

  • 10 dips

Or another example round

  • 1 minute of treadmill sprints

  • 10 Military press

  • 10 Superman or back raises


Intermittent fasting


Intermittent fasting is a useful tool to quickly drop fat, especially if you’re not used to eating in a smaller window. For the most part people generally have a rough estimate about how much food they’re actually eating. If you make it within a fixed window you will be able to pay attention a little bit more about what food you’re taking in, as well as limiting the time in which you can “mess up” your calorie deficit. 



The end result is what initiative you decide to take

You’ll still need to be a in caloric deficit no matter what, but IF (intermittent fasting) allows you to do that in an easy manner while staying full on food. Intermittent fasting also promotes a rise in growth hormone as well as depleting glycogen stores fully. When your glycogen stores are depleted your body converts fat to energy, and that’s good for your future you. 

The intensity

If you really want to jump start your body into fat burning mode ( but you are warned if you are not an already regular exerciser it probably will be dreadful and probably not worth it) you can incorporate ALL of these at the same time. All will be successful tactics to lean you down within a quick period of time but these are definitely not sustainable by any means. So use this tactic with care, listen to your body, and make sure you’re still eating nutritious foods. 



If you want a sample breakdown of what a 2 week quick cut would look like sign in for the bonus material here.

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