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Why Low Calorie Diets Aren’t The Answer

You’ve heard of crash diets.

And that’s what they are, crashes, they’re an utterly terrible time.

They’re called crash because you’re so hungry you wouldn’t be phased if you were hit by a bus.

Not really, but they are that horrible. People do them because they understand that the easiest way to dramatically improve your body is by reducing fat and leaning down.

They’re referred to that because you are drastically limiting your food intake, and some also commit to long hard workouts on top of that severe caloric restriction.

This just simply being naïve about what you want.

You can’t sustain low calorie diets forever.

You’re going to feel horrible, for what? To look a certain way for a 2 day duration?

Here are some drawbacks of low calorie diets.

  • All you’re going to do is think about is food.

  • When you go back to your regular eating again, you’re going to gain it all back.

  • You’re going to lose muscle. Because the diet and exercise you’re doing is not sustainable or good on your endocrine or nervous system.

  • You’re missing meals that could be had with friends and family.


Going to the extreme will net you the highest and quick results, but those results aren’t sustainable.


They also will leave with you bland food, or very little food. Leaving you hungry all the time. And lets not even get into the cravings.

When you attain a weight quickly by low calorie dieting, you’re weight is going to Yo-Yo back to its original status when you begin eating food again. Either because your body is going to make you so hungry that you cave and eat the 4000 calories you just restricted or gradually gain it back.


Taking a measured approach, with understanding for it to be a permanent change, and a slow-er approach is the answer when it comes to fat loss. There are typically two types of camps people fall into.

  • People who obsess over their diet, training, and fitness.

  • Others who think you need to obsess over your diet, training, and fitness to look like those people.

It’s an empty idea, that it is cool to toil away in the gym doing crazy gut wrenching workouts, wasting time and effort. It becomes peoples’ identity and their self. That I HAVE TO SPEND TIME IN THE GYM EVERYDAY. It’s me, its what I do. It’s all about how hard you kill yourself, how much you sweat, and how “tight” you are with your diet. All that effort I put in, it will show at the end. Most of the time they end up with nothing, or limited results that go away.

To me that sounds horrible…

Because I did do that, when I was 15 – 21….

And it just got me subpar results…

I missed fun dinners, outings, abstaining from alcohol and events because I was so obsessed with an “idea” of being lean with low fat.

I was doing massive amounts of cardio in the picture on left. Working out hard. Dieting hard. Eating low calories and slabs of broiled chicken, but I couldn’t handle the cravings so I over ate because I was doing so much strenuous activity in my training. I was 185 lbs on the left. Doing large amounts of cardio and not budging on fat loss. On the right I was doing no cardio and a few training sessions per week in the gym weighing 175 lbs. 


More is always better right? People always believe this. The harder I work the better the results.

So they beat their brains out on their stairmaster, because they think it’s the only way to a great body! If that was the case! EVERYONE WOULD BE HAPPY AND LOVE THE BODY THEY’RE IN WHILE SLAVING AWAY ON THE STAIRMASTER!

The simple approach

The way to your goal begins with a single step.

That step has got to be that you have got to be content with where you are right now.

Throughout the duration of your training, no matter how much you want to change/gain/lose, you’ve got to be okay with how you are right now. When you are able to move on from the constant chatter and anxiety of I NEED TO BE FIT, I NEED TO LOSE FAT. When you can remove yourself from that mind set, and understand that it’s going to take time and that is absolutely okay, then you can focus on what truly is going to matter.

Which is taking control of what you can, this includes your diet & your training.

But live during this period. And live optimally, not miserably.

You can’t cast yourself into the drool dungeon of your man cave watching Netflix eating rice cakes until you’re “ready”. It should look so foolish to the approach that you just “write off” 2 months of your life to lose a bunch of weight. You could reach the same result with much less anguish and anxiety.

Understanding that you aren’t going to change overnight is mandatory for you to sustain your goal.


So first and foremost, HOW MUCH CAN I LOSE?!

Trying to lose anything more than 2 lbs of fat per week, is generally, a horrible idea.

Anything more drastic, is going to be unmanageable. You’re going to be very hungry if you crash diet. Your cravings are going to skyrocket.

Leptin normalizes your metabolism and appetite. When you diet too long or too extreme, leptin falls quickly, which in return makes you conserve your energy, while up-regulating your hunger hormone ghrelin making an extreme diet unbearable and unsustainable.

More on cravings here.

Also you can’t just run on hopes and dreams, just eating “Clean” promises nothing in the way of net (fat)weight loss. Feed your figure too much of the utter “cleanest” foods each and every day and you simply won’t lose weight either. You need to understand how fat loss works. Which is a calorie deficit. 

Altering the fat your body or muscle mass has, requires mindful efforts to eat correctly, which is often uncomfortable at first. But anything new is. And your previous ways have led you to where you are right now….

So you can’t continue on with them if you want to be somewhere else.

When your physiology realizes it’s in a calorie deficit, it doesnt take very long, assume to deal with faint hunger and vigor issues for a few days. The body does not want to change it’s current state. It wants to keep everything status quo. So it’s going to signal to you.


What is the best approach?


The best approach is one that you can keep and adhere to easily. If you are able to hold your own on lower calorie diets and still maintain strength and mass, then you should do them. But for most they’re just unsustainable and breed binge behavior. There are always gradations of tolerance when it comes to anything, and low calorie diets are no exception. Some people can have good results to these but it isn’t advisable if you’re new or uncomfortable with such a large deficit.

Focus and accept where you’re at the moment. And move in a positive direction towards your determined goal. The rest is cake. Speaking of which don’t forget to rest, and maybe enjoy some cake once or twice through your weight loss efforts.

Making the choice that you’re going to be actively enjoying the duration of your diet is how you should approach the plan. Your plan is in place, you’re not worrying about it because you know you can achieve the end result. Make sure to enjoy and have fun during, because after all what is it all for?

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