Simply Shredded


Simply Shredded

The best fat loss system that allows you to build a Simply Shredded physique with lean and chiseled muscle. If you want to look lean and defined rather than bulky and bloated like a body builder this is the absolute workout for you. 


You will get:

Everything you need to promote a masculine lean physique that is based on true scientific principles.

Nutrition Calculator and personal nutrition profile.

The Simply Shredded workout.

Mobile Version of Simply Shredded Workout

Access to our fat loss and muscle building recipe portal.

Access to our nutrition calculator.

You will learn

  • The Simply Shredded Physique

  • Why leannes prevails

  • Shifting the mainstream approach

  • How to really drop fat effortlessly

  • Building your Nutrition Profile

  • Strength Protocol

  • Reverse Pyramid Training

  • Simply Shredded Workout

  • Workout Substitutions

  • Cardio

  • Progressive Overload

  • Tracking and logging workouts

  • How long to rest

  • Bonus Material

  • Recipes to build muscle and drop fat

 NOTE: If you are already low body fat and want to build, thick dense muscle we recommend you check out our PLATINUM PHYSIQUE BUILDER 


Simply Shredded 


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