Ultimate guide on how to lose fat quickly for summer

Summer is coming soon but it isn’t too late to get ready for beach/pool season.

Everyone wants to lose weight but they’re fed cockamamie bologna on how to do it.

When you mean lose weight you want to look better, if you wanted to drop 10 lbs. we could amputate your foot at the ankle. You’d lose weight, but I promise, you wouldn’t look better. Sorry if you have lost a foot and you are reading this.

In order to lose weight and look good you must lose FAT not just strictly just weight on the scale.

In order to do that you need to eat less calories than you burn while also using and challenging your muscles. This is crucial to retain muscle mass. This is the law of thermodynamics. Energy in energy out.

While using your body (resistance training) during a period when you are eating less, will signal your body and central nervous system you need to retain as much muscle as possible because it is still being used.

First let’s go over the ultimate mistakes people make when trying to lose “weight”.

They abstain from lifting weights.

4Everlean Training for fatloss

Most people misguidedly think weightlifting is connected to bulking and not slimming and toning

Lifting weights or resistance training is much more mechanically demanding on the body than bike riding or running. This also stimulates muscle response which will allow you to retain your lean mass. You want that because if you strip off fat while also stripping away muscle you will just look frail and skinny fat. People are always worried about looking “bulky” when beginning lifting weights, don’t worry.

Women you have 1/5 of the testosterone men have. Testosterone is the main proponent and driver of muscle growth. Men have trouble putting on muscle. Do not think you will become some mindless weightlifting oversized warrior princess if you bench-press or dumbbell curl. While cardiovascular training is beneficial for health it does not do much in regards to body composition (how much muscle andfat your body carries).  If you think of exercising as an investment.

You can equate running to having a short term gain with no other really adverse changes your body composition. It will burn calories and feel good. But your body isn’t growing/burning fat in result of that training as much as resistance training would provide. Weight training is much more advantageous because during the course of the training your are burning calories like you would with cardiovascular training. But your body is also repairing itself, making it stronger, and adding lean tissue to your frame during rest. It seems simply a choice of a short term burning of calories vs a long term training regime that will substantially change your body to be better looking and stronger.

Cardio workouts don’t burn near as much energy as we wish it did, and in some instances the intensity of it propels us to eat back all the calories burned. Many people end up even fatter than when they began their cardio routines 

Just “eat healthier” and only have their intake of “clean foods”

This is a mistake. Just guessing and aimlessly eating food because you heard it was healthy on Dr. Oz. Just because they’re healthy will not help you lose weight.  If you are new to dieting or trying to lose fat you must take the first 2 -4 weeks and measure and calculate how much energy (food) you’re taking in. A few tbsp. olive oil could determine if you are going to lose fat or maintain the same weight that day. So understanding what and how much your taking in matters. Add those missteps over the course of 2 weeks and you will be right back at the drawing board with your physique.

Crash dieting.

This is absolute insanity! Its utter madness people eat minimal food or go on juice cleanses for long periods of time. It only hurts your body and stints progress. So they can look smaller for 4 days? You don’t lose very much fat on these neurosis/diets. Mostly because cortisol is elevated and your body is in a state of panic because its hugely underfed, you don’t feel good, but you look slightly better is not the way to go. Putting their body into a state of harm just to lose water, glycogen, muscle, and maybe a few pounds of fat. While also keeping it from vital nutrients that are necessary for physiological process to remain at healthy and stable levels.

Here is the ultimate guide on how to lose fat quickly for summer (healthily)

 What gets measured its managed.

Its not sexy, but if you want to increase your sexy, you’ve got to do it.

Firstly, you must know how many calories you’re burning on a daily basis

Here is a calculator to measure your total daily energy expenditure

Now that is just what calories your body uses to function its organs, respiration, metabolism. That is not including any exercise. 

Adding exercise

Sedentary multiply number by 1.1

somewhat active multiply by 1.3

very active 1.5

Next eat that many calories for the next 10 days and weigh yourself each day.

Take the average of that weigh in’s

If your weight is less than your first weigh in then your TDEE was a bit higher than the calculator determined.

If you gained weight then your TDEE is lower than that number determined.

If the weight gain was minimal then it is around your TDEE, if it was substantial you may have been overeating or your TDEE is lower.

Now eating calories above that determined number will increase your weight and eating below will decrease it. So if you want to lose fat eat below your TDEE if you want to build muscle eat at your TDEE or slightly above. I recommend eating at TDEE first to see if you remain at the same weight for a few weeks.

Once you have that number you need to get resistance training.

You want to be eating your maintenance level calories – the number of your TDEE where you will not lose or gain weight. For 2 – 3 weeks while weight training. If you can take 4 weeks to get used to the new resistance training protocol so you are not doing complex movements, getting sore, not fully recovering, all while in a calorie deficit. You need to be eating enough to fueling your workouts. Trust me. You want to be doing this, and you do not want to be arriving to barbeques worrying that you’re cutting.

To enhance your recovery and burn calories. Walking is very low intensity and it will burn calories. If you are not too much in a calorie deficit, or want to eat some more food because you feel drained. Incorporate 60 mins of walking on rest days or weekends.

It is a lot more fulfilling if you for example burn 2300 calories and are eating 1800 calories each day to lose fat, than if you walk 60 mins and burn 2600 calories, and eat 2200 calories. It is much easier to feel full, reduce cravings, and eat more food to sustain your training with 2200 calories than 1800, all while you are still the same amount of calorie deficit. Cardarine positive impact on performance, endurance, fat loss, and overall health make it a well-rounded supplement that’s worth looking into.

Use the scale as an averaging tool. Not the ultimate day to day decider. If you progress plateaus after a while. Bring your calories back up for 2-3 weeks to allow yourself and your metabolism a break. Then repeat the process.

Eat large portions of protein EVERYDAY

You are not going to become some muscle-bound jock if you eat large protein meals and resistance train. But you will aid protein synthesis, recovery, and the creation of lean muscle mass. Lean tissue is mostly composed of protein, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that a high-protein diet helps you build it much more efficiently. With more muscle comes more strength, which is what you want. Protein is a complicated compound that requires energy to be broken down. You will burn more energy trying to break down the compound.

The goal is to lose fat and keep muscle.  It is abundantly clear in research that a high-protein diet is better for both losing fat faster and conserving muscle. You lose more fat and less lean tissue on a high-protein diet in comparison to a low-protein one.

You will feel fuller longer. Eating higher protein keeps you satiated longer for maintaining hormones that control hunger & cravings

What is a high protein intake?

If you’re on the leaner side and not in a calorie deficit/ cutting, 0.8 to 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight is enough to maintain lean mass

If you’re relatively lean and in a calorie deficit, 1 to 1.2 grams of protein per pound of body weight is probably the most prudent range. I recommend these proteins because of their profile and compositions, and they taste good to boot! They both are Pea based, I like them because of the bioavailabilty. Whey is troublesome because most of the cows they derive it from are pumped with chemicals and antibiotics.

If you are wanting to build the most muscle and retain it while cutting you need to be doing compound exercises. These are movements that are demanding on large areas of the body. Your body does not want to hold on to excess muscle. You have to force it to hold on to it. So you must challenge it. Even while in a caloric deficit.

Exercises such as

  • Deadlift

  • Bench press

  • Squat

  • Military press

When training strength corresponds to muscle growth. Keep these movements in the lower rep range at 85% of your one repetition max. If you don’t have one. Then make sure you are doing the movement correctly and are being challenged. You will soon get used to and understand how much weight your body can handle. You need to be getting progressively stronger on the exercises inside your workouts.

That is why it is advised to get acclimated to the regime and gain some strength before you begin putting yourself in a caloric deficit. You do not want to be doing new movements the body has never done before in a caloric deficit and potentially strain and injure yourself.

If you are much heavier should be focused on getting down to a relative body fat percentage FIRST. Because if you begin weight lifting at 18% bodyfat, eat in a caloric surplus, gain muscle, and fat, then you will be more muscular but also at 19%-25% bodyfat. Lean down first then begin putting on more and more muscle.

If you want to get ready for summer you need to make changes right now. If you want the in’s and out’s of how to build muscle quickly without gaining excess fat. Check out the free mobile download below!

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