Wanting abs isn’t vain

Core reasons you want reveal your abs and core exercises to get them.

The sought after six pack

Everyone wants them and people who have them stand out, this isn’t necessarily envy from the bystander or vanity from the person holding them. Abdominals refer to low levels of body fat. Low body fat are visceral signifiers of health. The individual who has lower levels of body fat around their waist portrays a healthy body status.
The vanity of the individual relies solely on the individual, not because he or she has abs.
We are innately predisposed to begin judging someone once viewing them, even if it is for a split second and it is unconsciously, it still transpires. This is adaptive to quickly assess all information and come to a fast conclusion about a moment . This judgement comes with assessing physical attractiveness.
This isn’t good or bad. It is just how the subconscious mind acts. The subconscious mind establishes physical attractiveness quickly, it represents a cue to mate quality, reproductive value, and immunity strength to fight disease. It is a signal for evolutionary fitness being at a healthy body fat.
We are quickly determining the health of an individual we gaze upon, among countless other attributes (danger, safety, etc) when we look at them.
When we witness lower body fat, especially not having excess body fat around the stomach, this is seen as a significant identifier to health. Abdominals depict strength which is a significant attribute of attractiveness  women seek in men
Even upon small talk and greetings you hear people exchange, “oh you look good” or “have you lost weight”. It’s just subconscious assessment brought forth we notice.


The lower level of body fat is significant to the level physical attractiveness.

Our quick assessments when seeing people is multi-dimensional and complex. Physical attractiveness is significant in this fast evaluation
There are no one size fits all symbol of physical attractiveness and many things contribute to it. A lot of variables come into play, including face symmetry, skin health, etc.
Even the degree of hunger the person has affects how they view attractiveness of a body. The attractiveness of women in regards to their body fatness actually changed when the hunger of the person was greater. The study showed typically a man who is hungrier actually chooses higher median of body fatness as attractive in comparison to men who are not hungry. It has been speculated this result could be due to an adaptive mechanism of feeling hunger, sensing famine, and higher body fat is more likely to survive, therefore a more likely candidate to court.
The main contributor to health and innate attractiveness.
This lower level of body fat around the stomach is referred to your waist to hip ratio (WHR), and this measurement matters in regards to health, as well as perceived attractiveness for men and women . This is a measurement of how much body fat you store within your midsection.
It depicts health more accurately than BMI.
WHR was the best predictor and more significant in assessing cardiovascular events and all-cause mortality and designated patient BMI as the worst predictor. 
Men with normal BMI but a large WHR were roughly 2 times likely to die within 5-10 years as other men. 
These quick judgments show that its not inherently wrong to make these assumptions. A higher WHR (people with excess body fat around their stomach) are more susceptible to disease, cancer , diabetes, and all-cause mortality.
Men with higher rates of abdominal fat are more prone to prostate cancer. 
With time and understanding we can choose to stand back from these quick judgmental states, focusing more on intelligence and the person’s personality. Additionally, we can choose to actively ignore them and focus on more information. But it isn’t irrational to want to be healthy and have a healthy status of a good waist to hip ratio.
While some think it is impressed upon by culture, there is some evidence that this is a factor as well, but body fatness and waist to hip ratio is a significant contributor to attractiveness in all areas of humanity.
An intensive study sampled populations from the most 3 prominent racial groups on earth. Caucasian populations from 3 regions (UK, Austria, Lithuania), African populations from 4 regions (Nigeria, Morocco, Kenya, Sengal), and Asian populations from 3 regions (China, Iran, and Mauritus) These represent over 90% of the total world population cumulatively.
They found lower body fat percentage and waist to hip ratio was a significant factor in attractiveness in all samples and WHR was more prominent in view of physical attractiveness in African American regions. But overall lower body fat was indicated as more attractive
We are a predominately at mercy to our eyes when we first see someone. We can learn to stop ourselves after we see someone if you choose to, but we are predisposed to do this quick assessment whether you like it or not. It’s a type of evolutionary automaticity. We categorize automatically. But we can recognize this behavior and step back from it and make more sound judgments.
For example, just because we sense hunger, at least I hope, we wash our hands before we eat. You can recognize this quick assessment of attractiveness and then wait to form a more valid opinion.

It’s not vain for wanting to be healthy.

Losing fat, especially around your midsection, is detrimental to your health.
Fitness sexy woman showing abs and flat belly. Beautiful muscular girl, shaped abdominal, slim waist

Seeking out quick fixes to mend this absense only hurts you in the long run. In fact 2/3 of dieters typically regain even more weight than they lost within the following years of their weight loss diets.

Let’s get past the aesthetics, even though it’s the main message of every workout whether its 90 days, a 22 day detox, the six pack is sought after, so it matters. It matters because it’s the result of having a low body fat, that is optimal for your overall health and the immediate perception of attractiveness.
But the longevity of that six pack is what matters most. If you have a 6 pack for 12 days, all that work of exercise and diet seems pretty wasteful and trite for less than 2 weeks of abs. Keeping the fat off permanently is what seems to be the best approach.
So how?
You want abs. You see people with them and then read this wondering what’s wrong? Why me? Not much is wrong and its not you.
It’s the misinformation from a lot of marketing inhibiting you.
I heard a funny quote once, “if you’re not 23 or a professional athlete, and you don’t have a six pack, don’t count on it”. This is a silly fib. The problem is that you’ve been fed bologna, figuratively and maybe literally, and its hindering you from getting to where you actually want to be with your stomach.
There’s a few things. You can have them.
The tale that “abs are made in the kitchen” is a lame cop out to actually informing you on how to get them. They say that but it’s no help. It’s a weird quip that means food matters to how your body looks, well duh.
It gives you no tools to even begin, and its pointing you in the wrong direction.
Its typically jumping on the magic carpet ride of “clean eating” and saying if you don’t eat out, broil and steam your foods, don’t use fatty margarine, you’ll be crunching your way to success.
This is misinformation.
We don’t want to waste your time. If you want to spend 30 minutes trying to get abdominals doing countless circuits, and semi effective exercises to possibly have the opportunity to get abs? Or would you rather just cut through the splash, flash, and marketing ploys and just ABtain them. You choose. But spot reduction doing only ab exercises, and not watching what you eat, doesn’t work 
Secondly, we want to change the outlook of the individuals who want this, and how they should be taking steps to get what they want (abs)
Let’s say you want to do something that is to the professional degree, have a good basketball shot for example, and potentially you know you do not want to commit that extensive effort to be as good of a shot as a professional. But you still use the same approach and tactics as someone professional does to achieve a similar result. You wouldn’t try and invent a new type of shot, you would use what has already been proven to be the most effective.


So you  use their strategies to attain something similar. You’d understand the mechanics of the shot and you would practice.
Apply it to abdominal development now.
Who are professionals that need to lose fat? Not contestants on The Biggest loser.
Body builders and power lifters need to put on muscle and perform without gaining too much fat.
So why would you not use their approaches to losing fat. They professionally both build six packs and get incredibly strong.
All natural (drug free) competitors where their body weight, fat, lean mass, and strength successes are determined by them tracking their food intake.
You don’t need to do it to the degree of the professionals, but if you want to succeed without guess work, using different weird rules of thumb like (don’t eat carbs after 8 pm) that leave it up to chance, and counting on mere hope, you have to adopt the strategies they use. 
Whether its counting calories, protein, carb cycling, they’ve done it all. And one thing they ALL abide by to attain their goals is watching what they eat using scientific strategies. Measuring what they put into their bodies on a daily basis. The dreaded counting calories.
The professionals don’t leave it by happenstance they calculate, measure, and coordinate to the best degree they can of the energy they take in.
As a caveat they also have veins that have their very own veins popping out of their foreheads.
Generally, most people don’t want that degree of leanness, and for good reason being too lean is dangerous. But you do want something to a lesser degree, visible abs. So just as the lengthy commitment to get a professional quality basketball shot, you can still get something similar without going to their great lengths. The same goes with getting visible abs.
You can take what they use. And apply it to the goal you want.
If you do not take the approach that they do to getting lean and muscular (their success depends on it), chances are you won’t be getting lean and muscular in the future. Or you’ll be trapped in losing and gaining weight cycle.
Just as someone who was picking up golf, soccer, or wresting and is not willing to adopt the approaches that the pro athletes have committed to, they probably will not improve their abilities.
So yes, you have to watch what you eat, because what you’ve previously done has possibly not worked, and why would you repeat that way?

The exercises

Ever walked into a gym and felt like what do I do?
This is the importance of a plan. The approach is what matters. Executing or even merely beginning the approach is what sets people on their journey and what sets people apart from the majority.
You’ve heard: a single journey begins with a single step, make sure that beginning step is sure footed.
Now a major change in your body does coincide with changes in how you approach your body. That means the stuff you’ve done before have given the body you have right now. And if you want a different body, you’re going to have to do different things.
Ask yourself:
Have the previous things worked or created the results I’ve wanted
If it has, then stop reading.
Abs are developed similarly to every other muscle but they are predominately more endurance muscles and are smaller, smaller muscles can be trained more frequently. Although being smaller they are similar in how they develop just as all other musculature they need to be stimulated and progressively get stronger as any other musculature does to grow.
You need to develop your abs.
You don’t want to just develop abs. You want to have properly developed abs and be at a lean enough amount of body fat for them to be shown.
1. Have strategically developed abs, using appropriate exercises
2. Have a low level of body fat
To achieve the tight and well developed look you need to develop the TVA transversus abdominis, rectus abdominis, and the obliques.
The rectus abdominis is the six pack muscles, the serratus is the muscles that wrap around under the pectoral muscles, looking similar to feathers. As seen below





In order to develop these 3 areas, you need exercises that are effective at stimulating them.
Exercises to develop the rectus abdominis (all exercises have links to videos on how to perform them.)

The hanging leg raise

The ab wheel rollout.

Cable crunches

Dragon flags


You can also do the captain’s chair leg raise, this stimulates the muscles of the rectus abdominis also.

The TVA – transverse abdominis





The core muscles that are shown to the left and the right of the rectus abdominis when developed. It is wrapped around the entire body connecting to various smaller subsections of the trunk muscles. This shows the separation between the rectus abdominis and the oblique muscles.
An example workout that works well is
1 set
Hanging leg raises 10-15 repetitions
Planks Max time hold
Captains chair raises max repetitions
Rest 2-3 minutes. Repeat the circuit 2-4 times. The abs can be worked 2-3 times a week with this training structure.
Do women and men view the same way of attractiveness?
They both prefer the same low BMI and a relatively curvaceous body with Waist circumference and waist to hip ratio with values around 0.7.
There is also general agreement between the genders on the ideal male body; this male ideal has a relatively large body with a V-shape with big shoulders and a narrow/taut waist and narrow hips. 
If you want to build muscle, strength, and lose fat then check out our years’ worth of workouts, diet system to eat food you actually enjoy.


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